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Title Insurance protects a policyholder from future challenges in a title claim on a parcel that may result in loss of property. It gives peace of mind knowing that you are the sole owner of your property, protecting against costly litigation should an undisclosed defect surface such as forgeries, tax liens, incomplete probate, outstanding judgements, or errors in public records to name a few.
In Collier County the Buyer selects the Title Company and in Lee County the Seller selects the Title Company. Any term of a sales contract is negotiable if agreed upon by all parties to the contract in writing and dated.
Just like a home inspection or appraisal, a survey provides additional information on exactly what you are purchasing. A survey is a drawing that will clearly define the boundaries of what you will own and ensure your property is in compliance with local zoning requirements. In addition, the survey will provide a lay out of the dimensions and location of any buildings or improvements on the property. Surveys will include any easements, encroachment of improvements both onto or off of said lot and clearly define legal access or lack thereof on to the property. In our experience over the years, this is a cost for a service that will provide invaluable information.
Title Insurance is related to the value of the property. The higher the value, the more coverage is required. The premium for an owner’s policy is collected only once and coverage will remain consistent for as long as you or your heirs retain an interest in your property.
Alpha Title Services of Florida, Inc. and Attorneys are both licensed to issue title insurance policies. Both would be required to provide closing services such as, Abstract or Title Search, Title Examination, Issuance of Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance policies, Recordation of all applicable closing documents, Release of all liens prior to closing. Should Legal Representation be required due to the inability of both sides come to a mutual agreement on an item in the sales contract, then Alpha Title Services of Florida, Inc. has the resources to put you in touch with Counsel to represent your interests.

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